USMC Uniforms

Information presented here are based on historical USMC documents, photographs, uniform regulations etc.

The USMC Uniform Guidebook is created

  • to document historical development, changes and types of utility, dress and service type uniforms used by United States Marine Corps
  • to provide useful information to marines, collectors, historians and reenactors
  • to create list of publications, book, uniform regulations and any other documents related to the subject of USMC Uniforms

The accuracy and quality of provided information will be reviewed based on latest to date known information. Reviews and proposals for corrections, copies of photographs, original publication, historical documents and any other information are always welcomed. Please contact me without hesitations, all participating persons and organisations will be credited.

My name is JAROSLAV JOCHMAN, my interest in USMC Uniforms / gear subject dates back to 1990s, when I started to collect USMC Uniforms, insignia, chevrons, 782 gear and publications. Over years I have gathered interesting collection of information, which I try to present here in simplified form of USMC Uniform Guidebook. Please be patient as I am not native English speaker, so I do grammar mistakes and do not hesitate to correct any misspellings, Leatherneck lingo errors and etc. The information will be added and reviewed as time allows, as this activity is only my hobby not regular job. Please do not copy any text, photos and pictures published on these pages without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Appropriate steps will be taken against any rights violation.

References of authors work/acknowledgements/cooperation:

  • book "Grunt Gear" by Alec S. Tulkoff - provided info on USMC Dog Tags and UNIS
  • book "782 Gear" by Harlan Glenn - published photos of USMC 782 gear
  • Gunny G's website - provided texts and pictures on USMC Rank Insignia
  • website - provided texts and pictures on USMC Dog tags
  • and other works, research papers and etc.

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