We welcome any active duty, former Marines and veterans, civilians, collectors, researchers and historians, who are interested in USMC Uniforms history, research and collecting.


The more detailed information about USMC uniforms guidebook you can find in section About project.


We are looking for any Marines, researchers, authors and organization, who would be interested in support of our activities and cooperation. Any donations of documents, photos, and uniform articles and accessories are welcomed  and will be credited.

Contacting us

Please feel free to send any comments, corrections, recommendations and advice concerning information published on this website. We have deep respect to United States Marine Corps organization and its members. If there is any info or content, which you could suppose to be corrected, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards and SEMPER FIDELIS
Mr. JAROSLAV JOCHMAN, military historian and researcher 



USMC Uniform Guidebook Project

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