USMC Service Uniforms, Men's, Enlisted 1937-present

Summer Service Uniform, male enlisted

 - Summer Service (obsolete)
 - Summer Service "A" (obsolete)
 - Summer Service "B" (obsolete)
 - Summer Service "C“ (obsolete)

Winter Service Uniform, male enlisted

 - Winter Service "A" (obsolete)
 - Winter Service "B" (obsolete)
 - Winter Service "C" (obsolete)

Service Uniform, male enlisted     
 - Service "A"
 - Service "B"
 - Service "C"
 - Service w/ Sweater (obsolete)

More detailed information regarding above mentioned types of authorized uniforms will be presented in book, which is planed to be published in year 2020. If you have any photographs of above mentioned uniforms or copy of uniform regulations, please contact me, I am looking for them to create reference library for Marines Uniform Guidebook project.


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